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I sometimes find myself wondering what happened to the “care” in customer care. Within the service industry, it is becoming more common to see human interactions turned into simple redundant transactions, void of feeling, authenticity, or value.

I’ve come to realize that the above is often a symptom of an impersonal workplace culture. When our primary focus is on the impersonal, we become out of touch with the importance of the individual human experience. But when we make the effort to incite a passion within our employees, and bring value to their job and contributions, watch out! As we shine a spotlight on the value of our people, they find the confidence and personal drive to accomplish anything.


You can help others realize their value

You are meaningful. Your work is meaningful. The individual experiences you create when working with your client, your customer, or while completing a seemingly basic task is meaningful!


Any individual in leadership, regardless of rank, has the power to build a culture that places meaningful value and appreciation at the forefront of communication. We bring meaning to operational numbers by taking the time to humanize business results in a way our people can appreciate, with a central focus on the individual experiences we are all uniquely involved in. We have a daily opportunity to not only exist for the business, but to make a profound impact in our employee’s lives through ongoing mentorship and professional development. Their individual dreams can come true, and we can help them achieve their personal goals.

With the above value in mind, we lay a foundation for an environment which engages in genuine communication. We can bring focus to consistently celebrating successes, and embrace errors with authenticity and accountability. We can value each learning opportunity as a chance for reflection on ourselves and our team members, directing those lessons toward future positive outcomes. I’ve observed that when you take the time to focus on the individual experiences of your employees, they will care, and they will apply that same level of care to their responsibilities and interactions. With adequate support, your business performance will prove it.

Together, your team is able to accomplish any realistic business goal, and your employees may just love their work as they do it.


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