Every moment is as valuable as you allow it to be


There is an incredibly influential person in my life. He has shown me more than any other, and will continue to do so. He reminds me of the value of time, the loudness of silence, the beauty in words and simple action. He inspires me each day to do better, and to value more. All of this from a 4 year old boy.

The other day, my son and I lay together on the welcoming carpet of our living room, and closed our eyes before I turned on the Classical station on Apple Music. I already forget the title of the beautiful piece, but I will never forget the moment my son, eyes closed with his wonderful smile, simply said, “woooooww!!” With unimpeded laughter, we continued to lay there, eyes closed, describing how the music made us feel, and the wonderful imaginative visions that came to life in our minds. We ran across the most beautiful meadows, observed an incredibly rare family of pink gorillas, soared high in the sky with mountain cranes, and watched a family of lion cubs play with each other.

Such a wonderful moment I wouldn’t trade for anything. Times like this remind me what is truly valuable in our lives, our human experiences. Slow down a bit, and take some time to enjoy yourself.

You can find such experiences at home, with your hobbies, with people you love, and believe it or not, your work. Slow down and create valuable experiences with your coworkers, your boss, your clients, your customer. Each and every individual experience will be as valuable as you allow it to be.

It is with true sincerity I hope you find such value in many aspects of your life. You are only here on this earth a short while, you can only choose to smell the roses for so long, before your time with us is over. Find ways to appreciate your work as you blaze trails to the ideal job, create genuine experiences with others, and enjoy your life.


No work is insignificant. All labor that uplifts humanity has dignity and importance and should be undertaken with painstaking excellence.
-Dr. Martin Luther King Jr,


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